Monday, September 28, 2015


Good Morning, Sunshine! After extended long weekend, now it is time to work back. My body do not want to woke up early so my alarm clock was dismissed when it sounds on its alarmed time. But I need to work to pay my bills and for my baby of course. Also, since I have transferred to other department but still under the same section, I am yet to familiarize myself of the challenges in my new work assignment. 

A quick look back at what had transpired during the long weekend. Friday was not as lazy butt for me as I planned, I was tired come afternoon as I need to visit some malls to look for a suit for Trent's christening. I was not successful in buying one that day, so come Saturday I continue my search and thank God I found a white Barong for my baby. 

Yesterday, I was not able to report to work, as I needed to attend my baby personally. If I have a chance to take care my baby personally I make it a point to make use that opportunity. Going back to work, I was checking my mails to see if there is any instruction from my new boss, but found none. So I might check my previous work last week and see if I have not miss out anything before sending over.

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