Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Lucky day, my laziness is not yet striking me today.Since my work leave started I kept myself in my room and would just go out to feed my tummy or go out to buy grocery to continue my stay at home without bothering going outside. 

What am I been up to lately? none at all just taking time to rest and recuperate from operation. Though my body wanted out and exploring and working, I must rest as advice. And then I remember I had a blog so I might start making myself productive instead of drowning myself to boredom. But seems like my mind is not yet in condition to do some talking. Anyway, my vacation is long so I was planning to travel and be connected to nature where I believe could refresh me and put me back in my system. 

Oh, I had nothing much in me today really, just this that It made me recall when was the last time I took off the cobwebs on the ceiling. My why am I stressing things over nothing so pathetic,if only I listen to what my doctor told me to do, I won't be dealing with boredom right now. pardon me of my nonsense ranting here. 
Happy day everyone!

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