Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Early this morning I woke up feeling the cold entering from the window of my room and the blowing of fan, so I turn off the fan and return to sleep. What really is the weather today? I was asking myself as I was outside this morning and I do not see the sun.I took my umbrella for it seemed like the rain would pour out in no time. Lunch time, the sun was a bit shy weather was cloudy. We went outside our building but few blocks away to where we are heading the rain started falling. After a minute it stops and after and hour the sun was shining high. Well, mood swing is hitting our weather, maybe shes not in the mood and could not decide whether or not.


simply kim said...

it's scalding hot here in Nueva Ecija... :D

kimmy came here!

aian said...

i really hate the weather... it's so unpredictable. lol