Sunday, March 2, 2014


We all get there only we do not know yet our time when it will be. Only God knows when our time is. Post inspiration brought by the news my father rely to me earlier. He told me that her cousin, whom had helped me to land a job in a bank, has passed away. We were arguing as I was not convinced, father said the last time she was able to talk with aunt was last year. And it was only today that he saw in the wall of my Uncle that their cousin has now joined our Father in Heaven. 

Learning deaths of a close friend, a family, a colleague, acquaintance, neighbor brings pain and sadness inside. I believe it is a natural reaction knowing that the person that had rest in peace will be truly missed.My prayer is that, God will let everyone fulfill each purpose before our time comes. May God’s mercy and love lead us to accomplishing our life’s purpose.

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