Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I was updating myself this morning of the stuff in the world wide web when my thinking shifted to this site of mine that almost half a year inactive.Then as I recalled, too many stories has been skipped and told because of my being busy. Though I must admit being busy should not be an excuse, if time is being managed appropriately. 

I wanted so much to establish the little business I started. I do not want to quit just because I lost a thousands on my first attempt. So, if the year 2012 was not that for me, 2013 equipped me with experience of failure and wisdom to start this year with high hopes, prosperity , blessings and financial freedom. I don't know I just feel it, I feel like the energy is overwhelming and brilliant ideas to execute.

Not only that I want to expand and claim the success the year, I also want to make it right with my family, friends, loved ones , work, lifestyle.Also, I hope I can give justice on updating my online journals.As well as making sure not to neglect them.

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