Thursday, January 16, 2014


After planning for a long time, Finally Zeph has got her way of pulling off budget to spent on renovating the room of her little princess, Mack. Last night, we talked about about the estimates and other stuff that she might be incurring and the excitement her daughter is showing every time.

Since I worked previously in a construction firm , I gave her ideas which I got from my experience working with the teams of Engineers and Architects. One of her challenge is that how will she put all the toys and stuff of Mack, I then told her of the 5mm shelf support that she can consider when she has a time to check out the material, when she's done checking we will discuss and ask her idea about it. In the next three days to come according to her, she will be updating me. And in that day, I hope she comes up with a decision that could satisfy her.

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