Wednesday, January 22, 2014


What is your goal this year? Do you have one or two? How about a phrase , a bible scripture you are claiming to achieve your aim?. As for me, I have goals, mantra, bible verse I am faithful that it will be fulfilled in my life.

Our pastor use to say when challenging the congregation that we must not ask God to take away those burden in us, Instead what are character should be asking God to give us the strength and might to overcome all the challenges being thrown to us by the World. And I like that wisdom, very powerful. How about mantra, Mine this is year bolder : I got it from the song Titanium. Which says " I'm bullet nothing to lose fire away , fire away. And another is the one that I got from our pastor, He said this all the time, "Bring it on , Come on!".  I look forward of the blessings and the challenges of this year, that I may be facing and so, Bring it on, God is with me and so nothing to lose.

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