Monday, December 30, 2013


Good bye and thank you 2013, now sorting the memories
2013 has brought me. Joy and Pain, betrayal and acceptance, Goodbyes and and new beginnings. Family and events, accomplishments and what is yet to execute.

First, I want to thank God for the blessings, the wisdom and all lessons I have gained through the years. If not with His guidance and provisions, His mercy and protection. Thank you God, for your unfailing love. I hope I could live and re live what you are showing me and teaching me inside. I know I have not been obedient and a good follower yet you are still there helping me get out and get up on all the mess I was caught up to. You remain true and loving.

Year 2013 has brought new hope and beginning in me. I was blessed to be hired in an international company in the first quarter of the year, new skills, new friends, new environment and near in the place where I am staying. Second quarter started to challenge my financial, my sister who delivers a baby boy needed help as my nephew was diagnose to have a heart problem. But then, I thank God for the people he uses to blessed my sisters load. Comes third quarter I was granted a regularization from work. Building friends as well, I was privilege to be with some of the fine ladies and gents in my department, to know them not just at work but in their personal life too.

Last quarter of the year was tough at relationship, good at financial, betrayal and pain. but a great teacher,the advantage of all those experience is that I learned and is keeping up. Last quarter almost wiped out my home town. It scares us hell when storm Yolanda strikes Tacloban, leaving 90 percent of the province wasteland.Half of my relatives are there so it adds the gravity of anxious and worry of their situation. Imagine my heartbeat when I tried reaching my kins but could not connect, for there is no way of power and signal. It took weeks before we are able to get in touch with them.

Those added memories to keep and re told at time has give me new perspective in life on how to become more significant and be more thankful for the day to day living. Happy New Year !


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