Friday, August 2, 2013


Our eye plays a big part of our living and so does other parts, but since I am excited with my new contact lens coming I will just expand the importance of our eye. 

Yesterday, a branded local optal shop visits us in our workplace. We get to check our eye for free , and the ophthalmologist attending has there stocks of eye glasses and frames for those people in the house who are diagnose the need for a graded eye glasses. While my office mates where busy fitting their desired eye glasses, I too was busy looking for a contact lens that will enhance my eye look. Oh I was not eying for an eyeglass as the doctor that checked my eye says I am lucky to have 20-20 vision. And I thank God for that.

And so now I am waiting for the contact lens that I order. I just hope that object will not ruin my eyesight. But of course I will not let that happen. For I know how great it is to have a perfect eyesight.

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