Thursday, August 8, 2013


This post was inspired by 1O things annoying habits of couple in love . When you're deep in that gushy-love stage, you don't really think too much about it, but trust me - when you're out of that honeymoon phase, these things all people do when they're newly in love is just annoying to other people.-By Devan McGuinness.
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 When I finished reading Devan McGuinness article of annoying habits of couple in love, I back flash the past where I used to be madly deeply in love with special someone. And as I browsed those acts of affection, I draw a sheepish smile reminding me of the thought. The sweetness of developing love makes you different and weird to others. And true enough as you do not mind what others would say as it does not matter that much. But after that stage, here you are. We even deny that we did those habits. (smile)

Public affection is not me, but those other habits mentioned like merging from I' to We" becomes us. becoming the hermits in order to pass the girls night to spent the day with that special someone has hit me.New names of endearment also is one,touching and kissing gives you butterfly creates butterfly in the stomach. And true ,it seemed to be everything is perfect when your in love. Everything seems defiable. 


nomad said...

young love can make us do stupid things:)

aian said...

haha...i don't really like super sweet couples... :D

May said...

true indeed...just shrug away those embarrassing public display of intimacy and move on. :)