Sunday, July 14, 2013


I was on the look out today for the news, when I saw the news about candy crush. As yahoo news writer Aaron Pressman says, "It’s not the prettiest video game ever made and certainly not the most clever, but Candy Crush Saga may be the world’s most addictive".

With what I am observing in my group of friends who plays the game, It might be addictive and  entertaining. In my workplace almost everyone is playing Candy Crush, My circle of friends, they would usually talk about their leveling how they are trapped and are challenged to succeed each level. I even get invitation and notification from the players online to join their growing team of candy crushers. But I refuse to be one, though the rule is no complicated at all, I did not try to play it, as I do not wish to be hooked up with the game as it will take too much of my time, for sure. But its perfect for people who has many free time, it will make your mind work overtime.