Saturday, May 4, 2013


Feuding family in the local celebrity clan has caught my interest when I read the showbiz tidbits this morning . The Barreto sisters, Claudine and Gretchen is returning to the headline. Per understanding , it started when the latter reacted when a malicious tweet referring  their new budding young actress of their blood line was then shout out.Gretta suspected it was her sister, Claudine. Here comes the latest, the feud seemed to become more personal,why not? when the mother of these two sister talks back against one of her daughter to defend  the other one.

This is just me. My opinion about this issue that I have heard way back years, where these sister to  have history of misunderstanding that later reconciled ,has gone up to old cold blood.And the matriarch of the family,gave the public a hint of the kind the family relationship they have. What makes me wondering is that, why would a mother bash her own daughter in public as if it is not her own blood. Would it not reflect her kind of disposition she taught her children? will it not bounce back at her, seeing the siblings fighting?. That instead of bridging the gap, protecting the welfare of the family. Here she come, throwing punches of her own flesh and blood.

 I hope things be patch up in time. I still believe that issues like family affairs are best fix inside our own yard.Be it celebrity, a public official, a president or a civilian we are responsible of protecting our brood. After all, no family would approve to have the public feasting and giving an unhealthy comment to what it is seeing and hearing on the life of other family.


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