Tuesday, February 26, 2013


What really is the purpose of life? One morning I woke up staring blankly bearing question that  started to sink in me. Ah, my mind says it is to work for a living, to connect to be connected, to communicate to understand to go out and reach out. But then, I am not convinced with my own reasoning. I needed something concrete that I could reason out over and over again, that I will not go weary on answering same question every time.

Such simple question, now I am struggling to give the fittest answer that would make me feel fulfilled and happy. Now, if I am having the hard time determining my purpose in life how can I be excellent? how can I use the gift that is set aside for that special purpose. Oh my, am I lacking faith? am I lacking communication to brought up my case with my creator. I hope not, I hope I am still on the right track and walking to re connect and re discover the once abandon gifts and blessing God has presented me long ago.

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