Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Seldom do I checked my online ally these past few months, why? maybe because I am so consumed of so many things that I do not know what to prioritize. When coming from work at night, I seemed to disregard my old habit.My online routine that I have been piously taking care for how many years now. And by my neglecting attitude I lost some of my online opportunity that somehow help me with my bills. Though I knew it would be on my disadvantage if I continue being lax and care free, still it did not change my moments of   being potato couch.

Now, I am not promising anything all I know is that I have to break that spell from the remote control of television. And tonight, I am not watching and condition myself instead of reviving my blogs. Before I totally lost my page and my attention be diverted with other stuff. This way I will be refreshed and be visible once again. Starting tonight, I will try to catch up with the time lost.

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