Wednesday, December 12, 2012


December 08,2012 the long wait has over, as the two of the best boxer fighter n this generation meet inside the ring for the fourth time. Marquez and Pacquiao, where the last three fight, Pacquiao dominated the ring. But things turned out last Saturday, when at last 4 seconds of round 6 Pacman was knock down by Marquez with his super punch leaving him unconscious lying against the ring mat for almost a minute. And the whole world stops breathing when that seconds of unexpected scene snatch the nearly victory for Pacman. 

Now its been 4 days after that fight that makes most of us, Filipinos loved the People's champ for showing sportsmanship and being easy and accepting towards the outcome of becoming over confident and under estimating the power of Marquez fist and counter punch. What can we say? well, life is not always about winning, it's also about  facing the world wholeheartedly and showing them you've been beaten up, but life's that does not end there. That life is more meaningful to live to learn that the people who supports you on your victories are also the people who are at your back to uplift you on your moments of low.

I believe in every trials that we encounter, we are given a lesson to learn that we can use for our advantage. To God be the glory!

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