Sunday, November 18, 2012


Almost everyone knows the video of a student bragging her education towards a lady guard at Santolan station LRT2. I first saw the video on my fb account as shared by my common friend and was replayed by the local news channel. Last night, I was able to watch her live interview at aksyon news 5. She explained her side, and showed mark on her shoulder where she claimed to have caused by lady guard arm grabbing her. 

While she was interviewed live, the lady guard was on phone patch interview also to air her side. And so the story begun, the lady guard stick to her answer from her first ambush interview till last night, the student was the same, she  even challenge the camp of  the lady guard  that they undergo lie detector test.

 Yes, true at some point we came to a point where we forgot our status in life because of outburst, as we want to get even or show our aggressor what we are capable of , and how better are we than they are, how wrong they are and correct we are. But we must remember to keep our values intact inside out,. Whether we are right and our aggressor is wrong, still there is an acceptable way to dispute your concern. As human we are not entitled to humiliate a person which we think are low than us, We must practice respect at all times. Degrading a person is never been a  good sight.:)


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

tiyak magiging artista si amalayer..

aian said...

i agree with you, sabi nila tingnan daw ang side, nauna daw si ladyguard, but still... sana naging humble na lang siya.

Sam D. said...

Gusto lang niya siguro magpapansin, for me the way she reacts and said things to the lady guard it look like she's not an educated person. I feel bad sa lady guard not to her just saying :)