Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Early today while at work, I was asked to call by my housemate this morning , clueless why he was in urgent kind of message, I immediately dialed his number.From then I understand why he seemed worry and in a hurry for a respond.  I was told that a staff from Meralco will cut our electric line, So I talked to the representative and ask for a few hours for us to show our official receipt of payment from their branch.

We had a past due because my sister keeps missing the bill for two months now, her request was I payed the current and the past due will be take care of.But today, I was a bit upset as the responsibility was turned back to me and had to rush myself for her mess. Oh gosh, I hate ranting here but I need a channel to vent out this feeling I am not happy to keep. My special one advices me not to give my sister those kind of responsibility, like paying the utilities on time. We almost celebrate the Earth Hour tonight had the staff of Meralco was not kind and considerate, had my housemate went out today, the night will be dim for all of us here.Thank God, for using these people to spare us from black out.

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