Sunday, October 21, 2012


Generally speaking we have principles in life that since our early years we are brought up to live by. Mine was more of being street smart, being practical in life and being fair to all mankind, being firm and standing in truth. When my grand father starts his lines every time he finds us dis aligning from their teaching, it surely will not leave us in peace that in response to Lolo's preaching, we would be sorry for our action and be more cautious. 

Today,  those principle my Lolo has planted us is very much alive, so I thank Him  for correcting us at an early age , because I am able to live  life in accord. Now , I know it is my time to disciple the next generation to come. To pass on the legacy of my oldies, to live life with God, to be dedicated and meaningful. This is what I believe now, You are what you believe, if you believe you can surpass any challenges life might throw at you, then be it. If you choose to believe you are a loser then you might be acting as if you are one. So be careful what you choose to believe.

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Nova Hedges said...

it is really great to have such a concern families with us, they will help you choose the right path without forcing you, we the younger has to listen for they have been into that situation and would want us to succeed from the failure they had...

simply kim said...

thank you for that reminder. lately, i've been having doubts about myself and losing my focus in what i really want to do with my life.. now, i can begin again by asking what i really believe about myself.. :D

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