Sunday, October 28, 2012


Been coughing for four days now but I take no tablets with me as I refuse to. Instead of buying medicine, I refer to those that my Grandma's prescription that can be found in the kitchen. For my dry cough, I started boiling ginger for three days now, and so far it was good. Calamansi juice was also effective so I am sticking to this home remedy over drug prescription.

 I am not boasting, but since they are effective and tested and free of any chemicals I choose that way. If after two weeks of religiously drinking pure calamansi juice and ginger tea will not release all phlegm , that's the time I will consult a doctor. For now, I am continuing the process as it is working well with me.

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simply kim said...

too bad it doesn't work that well with me, it makes my dry cough even drier.. :(

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