Saturday, September 15, 2012


Government is now pushing through the plastic ban implementation. One of the city here in Metro Manila that strictly implemented is the Muntinlupa City. Violators are apprehended. Once I saw in an interview where a reporter was invited in the city of Muntinlupa to join on actual inspection of authority in their area of responsibility, They went to visit a wet market and found  two  vendors violating the law, the offenders was given a tickets. As first offense they are fined for 500 pesos. On 2nd offense 1000.00 and 2,500.00 for 3rd offense, and in  fourth offense it will be imprisonment for non compliance of the ordinance.

Plastic ban is garnering supports in cities and provinces after Habagat drowned most cities and provinces in the Philippines, the pending ordinance year ago was at last passed, implemented and cascaded. Now that the campaign circulates smoothly, the question to many  including myself is that,.. Plastic ban, is it really the answer to a flood free Manila? What about the need to use plastic when buying  wet goods?  

I personally like the ordinance in Quezon City where minimizing the usage of plastic but not totally banning the usage of it is followed. The authority instead, educate their residents on recycling plastic bags, they  encourage shoppers to bring their own recyclable shopping bag every time they go out to shop.Also,consumers who brought back the old plastic to the grocery shop will have their old plastic bag replace by a new one. Likewise, shoppers that has no bag with them is charge a 2 peso plastic bag for every plastic that are used up. As per report, the charged they got from the customers without a shopper bag  goes to the green project where its goal is to save Mother Earth.

What will be the effects to people of the city ordinance? To my observation, one of the benefit is that we, the consumer will learn how to maximize the use of plastic bag, we will value it because we pay for it,compare for the free bag before, as eventually it will be a burden to the consumer as every time we shop we are charged a certain amount for the bag, so to avoid such expenses we are going to have are own grocery bag. In the long run, plastic and users will not be that visible in the metro as compare yesterday.

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