Thursday, September 27, 2012


I keep telling myself I will avoid sharing rants in any of my pages online,but at times it is hard and tempting to pour out the not so good feeling you have inside. Unfortunately because of unavailability of people close to you to listen on your issues, you come up for another channel where you can release yourself from being so much affected. Blabbing much  to justify my act, huh..

You may be wondering what makes my blood rise up. To release it off, I had an encounter with a customer representative of my internet provider. The conversation started when I followed up my dispute on what  action had been taken. And yeah, you can start guessing my reaction when this representative instead of giving me a positive result, started giving me excuses to conceal their lapses. My goodness, I forgot where I left my patience and my composure so I exploded, and my history of begun, I quoted every details, remind them how inefficient and incompetent their service is. What was the ending then? Again, they told me they will endorse my request to their technical support. The same old recoded lines. Not nice, not cool and not acceptable. Wake up Globe! we are not paying you through our hard earned money to receive only headache.  

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NovaS said...

i would rather vent here, than keeping those feelings inside you, at least it'll help you feel ligther... so sorry it happened to you..