Monday, July 30, 2012


Life cycle as they say is the process of working to live and living to work, to earn to have to  spent and spent to satisfy your wants and needs. Aside from those statement there are aspect that must be consider as well, such as health, savings, investment which speaks of long term preparation. 

As I grew up my parents would always remind to save for my future and avoid spending too much of material things that losses it's value as years pass by. Now, I am absorbing all those preaching, only I do not know when I am going to take it seriously and start acting. A month ago, father sends  me a link about insurance quotes ,after checking the link, my parents words was like a tape recorder that started playing. Need I say more? parents are best. 

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Shivam said...

according to me life is dictates everything but if you want then you can make your life good and don,t want so make bad it,s depend on your work so keep doing nice work and be happy.
your think is so good.
I like your posting and your blog.
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