Monday, July 30, 2012


Last night I was having a thought of not going to work this morning, with that plan  I did not bother ironing my uniform for a very dependent reason that the rain is too heavy with the wind blowing. The weather supports my laziness and makes me guiltless wrapping myself inside the blanket while my ear enjoys the sound of the raging rain outside the  window.

Early morning today, my alarm clock started snoozing but to my annoyance I dismissed the set noise. After a minute of  sleeping, my phone rang. When I picked up It was my office mate asking if  am reporting for work. I told him my plan and was about to go back to sleep when suddenly  I change my mind,  took a bath and pack my things. On my way to work  I did not want my umbrella wet , headed the office with  light rain. When I reach our building, I started sneezing. I got myself a runny nose, I  have to wipe my nose every once in awhile because of the  uninvited liquid traveling outside my nostril .

Was it fun? Oh no, I dunno with my stubbornness.What was the lesson I got today?..And  it is the thought that ..laziness do have consequence, a bad one. :(


simply kim said...

i think most of us are under the weather these days.. :(

a visit from kim!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kumusta na yen..