Wednesday, July 25, 2012


These weeks stories that I saw on TV and heard on radio and from different set of people with different point of view towards news in town. If you will ask me the common denominator of these events, I think its the fact that no matter how hot the topic was that is, after a week or two, they are no longer the big scoop, sooner or later some of those people who once shared their word over a particular topic forgets the story.But what's good is that when you want to get back to once hot news  before , it is easy to retrieve it nowadays.

Let's look at the  CJ Corona's impeachment trial. Media delivers every detail to the public bits and pieces of it,  Millions of us gave their views and opinions towards the event, but after awhile came a new scoop that hits to the public.News on CJ trial went down the rank.Story, now belongs to the  history and is  kept on archive. As to everyone who once became critic, how sharp our memory would be to  recall correctly those  terms , terminologies used on the proceedings that has life changing effect in our lifestyle.

Another is the never ending conflict of China and PH. towards the south china sea, where China claims  authority over the Island. We heard China is planning to put up  a military garrison in Spratly Island. This news garner a hot spot.,  but again  came a new big fish to fry on, news update on Spratly conflict tone down.
The recent news, passing away of  Comedy King Dolphy, where it broke millions of Dolphy's followers heart. Including I, myself. Another is the Colorado shooting at the premier night of The Dark Knight Rises. The gunman in tactical armor body open fire inside the theater where it took 12 lives per yahoo new. Yet, same as other once big story, it has an end, after its season. 


Elaine (www, said...

news these days are really heart breaking. Passing away of the king of comedy and the colorado shooting :(

and thanks for dropping by sweet!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

wala ng safe yata na lugar,hehe...