Saturday, July 14, 2012


I feel guilty at this moment for giving into the desire of my body when I should be doing my priority list that I have encoded last time to guide me of the time I should be consuming today. But those list were gone in the wind, after eating my favorite after lunch junk food, my eyes got heavier when I was starting my work. Because of that I jump into bed and alarm my phone , yet again when the alarmed time came I subconsciously turn off the snoozing phone, poor Girl. Now I'm back to continue the work I have left earlier to give in to my eyes craving. 

Anyway, I cannot undo the events that happened this afternoon , after all I have benefited on that too. I am now fully charged and I felt like I can think more much better to this time. And I am in the mood to finish all my pending to dos. Though the sun has now hide, my energy has just replenished which means I can last till midnight today. I hope so. :)

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