Monday, June 18, 2012


We became friend with this  lovable friend of ours  not so long when she joined the company  six months ago. Knowing this lady for quite some time is like knowing her for a long time already. Only, I could not recall my first impression with her, maybe because I really did not have one, as she was not the type that I would waste for an impression, who cares anyway? haha. To this moment, I still am  in wonder why of all people in AHI, out of nowhere I became close to this girl. The next thing I know she was invading my privacy, she was included already  in my daily "petiks" routine and each day at work, unconsciously this  lady makes me laugh to my esophagus, she made me  comfortable and free. Though she gets into my head when shes in stress. In fact she annoys me big time from time to time but her smile breaks the barrier every time.

 She may not be a perfect friend to someone  while for me and Awi, "she is the ultimate one".  The one who asks for a  treat on Friday night, The one who complaint for making her walk when having a break outside.The ultimate one who knows the latest scope in AHI. The one who collects  fish heads for her satisfaction, the one who shows off her emotion by means of wall post when destructed  because her boss was disappointed with her performance. While she confidently believes she did her best, but the boss thinks tintin's best wasn't good The one who daringly flaunt her front by wearing a see through black polo and most of all,  the one that manages to stay sexy in her size.Love it!

Bye bye Tin, Yes you are so so right I will be missing you and  why not? you were my walking newspaper and our frustrated lawyer whom surely will defend our cause when legality calls. Honestly, I will be missing your presence. Your charming character , your childish act, your unwavering pride, (though remember pride is not good to carry all the time, make sure to lessen such exposure). And your baon  that you hide from us inside your drawer  because you do not  want to share  the bread stick with us.  I will not forget those stuff, ever. Awi and I were so damn hungry that time :(

Anyway,enough of those reminiscing.Our dearest Christine,bear in mind that even if your the ultimate stingy naughty girl we have known, we still - are your friend, your true friend that you cannot just count on, when you are  at your  highest peak. Bye Tin, see you every Sunday. May you find peace, security, fulfillment, love and joy  in your new play ground. Keep safe, and be blessed always.Love Yu.


simply kim said...

that was a very sweet post for a friend. well, i guess life is really like that, 'It's not how long we held each other's hand, What matters is how well we loved each other' as the song goes, meaning, it's not the quantity but the quality of friendship you formed.. good luck to your friend!

a visit from Soulful!

christine baesayu said... words can express how thankful i am of having the both of you..
kakaiyak naman to..tribute ba?mamamatay na ba ko?lol..tuloy pa rin naman every friday natin pero siguro by that time di na ko magpapalibre..baka naka move on na ko sa financial crisis ko..

thank you again..
thank you for the acceptance..
thank you for the friendship..
thank you for the love..
thank you for your wisdom..
thank you for the care..
thank you for the pang aasar, at least mahaba na patience ko now..
and thank you AHI for giving the chance to meet these two person whom i want and promise to treasure FOREVER..

awi said...

leche ka tin ang plastik mo. lol