Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have mention in my other post how my heart is full of joy today and pure love that I think is overwhelming, I should know because the fast few weeks I lost drive on writing, visiting. I lost the passion to do the talking. But tonight I am going to enjoy the happiness that is within me. The secret maybe is that everyday we should be falling in love over and over again with all the routines that we are doing. (talking to myself. hehe). As the say, love makes the world go round.Which indeed is true. Need I say more why love makes a person move differently, Ask Mr. Google to confirm some facts that you, yourself have even experience it. 

I'm in love , yes I am. In love in music, in Praise and worship songs.I'm in love and I will sing until it overflow. My hearts desire to learn seems to manifest in my willingness now,  to give up my job status to fulfill the flame in me that is driving me to study to my full capacity. Soon,in  God's time I believe this things that I do out of the abundance of my heart  will be granted according to God's will.And I have already claim the victory. :)

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