Sunday, June 3, 2012


Our plan to go out of town to celebrate the post Birthday party of our very own friend was postponed due to conflict on schedule and unavoidable important errands that needs priority, but even so to catch up with the agreed party. One of the member suggested that we still continue the plan on other time and instead of going somewhere, She gave us an option that we all confirm our presence. The party which she called the bbq night with friends. We saw the place where we are going to celebrate the night and I think its awesome and perfect. I was reminded of for a backyard fire pit when we roam around the area.Now everyone is excited not just because the place is relaxing but because the group will be completed once again.


Lina Gustina said...

It's surely nice - have a bbq night with good friends :)

simply kim said...

i'm not much into parties, but i'm SO INTO bbq! lol!

a visit from kim!

aian said...

wow that'd be nice! ang yummy ng bbq~ eh