Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A close relative ask me a favor to canvas tarps for them since they know it's one of my hobby, to surf around the net and look for limited offers at its best. Giving me their preferred specification for the item, I begun my searches. Those that I found fair enough to their demands, I gave them the contact numbers for them to get in touch with the supplier.

Looking back, I agree with my cousin that its time that their mini restaurant's extension outside the place needs a new look and improvements to make it more presentable to the customer coming in and out in every time. To make the place more visible to the public and and neat, I gave them the the estimate for white canvas tarps. And per update with them so far the supplier is supportive in giving them other package option to choose from. If they decided to go for custom tarps it will be quoted for them as well according to their budget. And that I think is remarkable. Sooner, if the deal is closed I will be visiting to a same place with a fresh make over for everyone to see and enjoy under the roof of my cousin's business establishment.

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