Sunday, May 6, 2012


Work passionately and you will see at the end how successful you become, I hear that line from a seat mate at the review school earlier. He seem to lecture and give some good advice to fellow reviewee that I assumed under his circle of friends. I was on my way of closing my eyes when I over heard him talking , my attention was caught and senses went on. Listening with this man makes me realize of some bullet points I should be highlighting and doing some assessment seriously.

Yes, I mean seriously because at some point of my life I thought of investing on effort, time and discipline but I somehow forgot along my way that it takes passion as well. What are those time for? those efforts? and discipline if I cannot answer clearly myself why what for that I am doing? Am I just bored , that needed another channel to invest in  to feel worthy? . Oh my, wishes that question marks be replaced with wisdom from above.


simply kim said...

i've always been passionate with my work. i may not earn much money but i'm happy with what i do and i think that's what counts..

a visit from kim!

Perrine Renoir said...

just last week i got burned out by all my volunteering responsibilities. should have seen this last week.

Harry said...

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