Sunday, May 13, 2012


To my dearest Mother, I want to say thank you for taking care of us since birth, for giving us all the comfort even if it means shorter time for you to sleep, even if it means living a life without strong guarantee to hold in return, even if it means bearing all the pains and sorrow on your own. Again thank you. Though, I hardly understand you when we were growing up.. for me you are so mean , cold and arrogant, you never loved me. Never did I understand your way of discipline to us. So I grew up keeping a distant. 
When I moved out and went to live on my own and begun to see the real world and  experience the bigger  challenges bestowed upon everywhere. I subconsciously begun referring on your manuals , for the right response on the kind of stones thrown to me.I was even  recognized by some because  they believe my mother raised me well to become a responsible person, a trustworthy and smart kid. And that I will disclose to this moment how you deserve to have that credit, for polishing me to bring out the rainbow color in me. :D

But with all these the highest credit goes to God, for making mother strong and determined to raise us a good sons and daughters. I also thank God, for the provision , guidance , protection and blessings He has poured out yesterday, and continuously pouring in without ceasing every time. Thank you Lord, you really are a God. Mother, forgive me for all our disobedience and thank you for hugging us every time we needed a person who will believe in us and love us no matter what. Happy mothers day, Mama. I love you and always will be.


aian said...

happy mother's day to your mom! :))

arie5758 said...

Happy mother's day...

If in Indonesia Mother's Day to celebrate at 22 December