Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Clueless of what is happening right now while composing this short posting about the trial of the Chief Justice. I checked with yahoo to see updates but seems like their still on there way of polishing the reports. When I logged in to my networking account, I saw some shout outs of my friends who in my belief are currently watching the trial on their television sets. 

There's this shout outs from a friend that quoted Senator Lapid's speech, where he says : mas naniwala ako kay Farinas dahil sa POWERPOINT, she commented on her post how cerebral Lapid's explanation is. Well, it's not new anymore to the public how some people question Lapid's education and his communication skills.That's life, I guess. While some posted a picture of Miriam Santiago, with an advertisement that looks like an ad from a mobile provider. Haha. It says, Enjoy unlimited speech valid for 24hours. Text unlispeech to 8888. See, how fast are we Filipino when it comes to creating humorous features. Another friend of mine posted on her wall about what Trillianes vote, when Trillianes says my verdict is guilty , this friend of mine commented to move on and ask him to go jump, haha. And those wall post shares are making me more curious on what is happening right now, So I wanted to go home now, pack my bag to watch that new update at home.

(Picture taken from globalbalita.com)


aian said...

clueless din ako sa kung anong nngyari. di ko gets yung unlispeech ekek. tama ka diyan, kanikanila lang yung trial eh may nagawa na silang humorous comics.

NovaS said...

glad you have shared this article, i have no clue of what is going with my dear country...thank you for sharing..at least i know some updates from our government

simply kim said...

sometimes we just have to live with what's here.. this ISSUE for instance..

a visit from kim!

simply kim said...

we just have to learn to live with what's going on.. this ISSUE for instance..

a visit from kim!