Friday, May 18, 2012


Lady Gaga fever will be invading Metro Manila this coming May 21-21,2012 .Gaga, whose known for an unusual performance in front millions audience draw a different comments and concerned to some active  groups and neighboring country. I have once witness her concert in a  video and  per my goggling the concert was held at Miami , concert  where it was called the  Monster ball last  April of  2011.  

The video was entertaining, my eyes was feasting of her unusual masterpiece in front of audience. Audience seemed satisfy for the penny they spent for the ticket. Gaga, even even says that  she does  not do lip sync on concert for the contentment of her followers. And I think should be the case in any concert, singing live. Anyway, As I was talking about gaga's concert, to my observation of her video concert  I realize  some bullet points, the first one is that I agree that she really is a performer and an artist as well who make use of her talent  by associating the symbols of the dark force.I learned those symbols from the books of Dan Brown.The Angels and Demons and The Davinci code, where some symbols of masonry ,Knights Templar and Satans sign crafted perfectly to become sugary when showed in public.Her every actions  becomes fashionable and trending that our young's imitate. Gaga, called herself the  fame monster and her audience the little monsters that believes she is cool. The 3/4 of our youth believes that Gaga is the expression for equality on sexuality.

 I understand that some artist and her million followers, those   innocent patronizers of her will argue to some groups that  opposes  to Gaga's disturbing , harmful and blasphemous performance. Also, I agree to some commentators on Yahoo news where Gaga was warned to tone down performance , for they say if you do not like Lady Gaga, then do not buy her tickets , simple as that. But more so,I believe that this not just about watching her concert and entertaining ourselves to the Gaga's songs and on stage performance. But, it is that we believe  there is more of her performance to be worried about that  we must be alert and vigilant to protect the innocence of our youth. The question now, that is playing inside my head is that, how do we know that? if we  ourselves have no deeper knowledge and understanding of God's reminder were we can read in the Holy Book.It's okay if you might say I am being religious and paranoid, but I am not. The right term would be, I have just known the truth, and if you think its not about good and evil but your just after for her jaw breaking performance, the more you need to be informed and be enlighten. Aren't we warned not to conform to the pattern of this world.Aren't we warned to be careful on what we patronize, we idolize , we follow?.  Romans 12.2 (NIV) Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is —his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Ignorant of the law excuses no one, we must equip ourselves in doing our best to live a Godly life. We most not be Ignorant in order that we may not be deceived by the principality reigning in this world. Just a thought, Is this the kind of artist we want our children  to mimic and grew up. I hope not.


NovaS said...

very interesting, knowing the fact that she is famous here...glad to know there are more tourist who visits PI and no longer scared of the bad things...

simply kim said...

not much of a Lady Gaga fan, but I like the Edge of Glory, lol!

a visit from kim!

Lina Gustina said...

I don't feel comfortable every time I'm looking her performance. Bad aura?
Agree with u, Yen. I'm also afraid that there's 'hidden' (evil?)thing behind her music.