Monday, April 30, 2012


Preparing for work every morning has been my routine for many years now , during these days of my transporting to work and in home and one of my thing is watching people like me commuting to workplace. And here are some of my observations when riding a bus and PUJ. Why some drivers are too greedy to pick up passengers when in reality his seat is already occupied making some passengers looks like a sardines inside trying to fit their but in the seat. And what will you do if your the passenger uncomfortable with your seating position? It's not right as far as I can see it. I understand that they need to earn but the goal is not only for himself to earn, would it be fair if the driver will consider the quality of his service not just the quantity.

On the other hand, when riding a bus. There are bus drivers that I dislike nor I like because they are the ones that drives the bus like their racing with death.And there are those that has ample time to stop over on every corners in the highway which looks like he is waiting patiently for chance passengers. These two kinds of drivers makes my day challenging everyday. What do they have in common is that, they drop me off to my destination, only the 1st one gave me goosebumps while the 2nd resulted me to have a written memo asking me to explain my tardiness.


arie5758 said...

The bus i think very unik, cause look like a mountain car

aian said...

meron naman yatang limit ng tao na pedeng sumakay eh, 8 or 9 ata sa magkabilang side, nakakainis lang talaga minsan kapag super late ka na tapos nagpupuno, pero minsan iniisip ko na lang na kasalanan ko kasi hindi ako nagpeprepare ng maaga. :)

nakakainis talaga eh yung mga mabibilis magpatakbo, tama ka nakikipag race kay kamatayan :))))