Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If you risk you must risk and give all your best to have no regrets in the end. My mentor use to tell me this word of advice. I told her my fear my weakness my limited resources, my mind is full of plans and whereabouts am I really destined to put up my own business.

I wanted to break free , quit my job establish my dreams step by step, but how? my mentor says every time I got disheartened of many circumstances think of God's promises and think of once common people in their times that becomes successful who confidently continue despite all failures , who fails many times to become unshakable to the end. Just like her, who started the business from almost bankrupt but now I can say she have grown a lot and have become good in her line of business, which makes her credible to me every time I need some encouragement.

It's now or never, If I do not do something nothing will happen the other way around, if I do something I have something to look forward to.Oh Lord, Help.

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