Friday, April 20, 2012


The time now in my wristwatch is nine fifty five in the morning and yet I cannot enjoy anymore my sleep. Though I used to wake up late in the morning during weekend, now I really can't stand the heat. How much more if I stay still until two o'clock in the afternoon. No way, I am going to stay in the mall after this rambling. Crazy hot, the electric fan cannot compensate the heat, yet I am not tempted to open the aircon because of the news last night that says, the service for electricity will increase these summer. So better go out and chill in the mall, until the sun goes down.

I believe this has something to do with our natures imbalance. The other day I saw on T.V about the solar flare, but they say it has no direct effect on Earth. But really I am wondering if it does not have effect on Earth, to think the sun is a part of our solar system,  abnormal activity in our solar system isn't it alarming? . Anyway , this is just me my own opinion. 

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Gracie said...

Hi sis! You are right, super ang init ngayon. Nature has something to do with it but I think human beings need to act fast about it.

I hope your summer is still beautiful even if it's too hot! Miss you my friend!