Friday, April 27, 2012


After taking the final pre-board the feeling was like I am free and I can watch again my pending movies in my cabinet. And yes I did find myself enjoying the stuff I stop doing since I started reviewing, but afterwards I felt the stress eating me so to ease the danger of my being burned out. I took a break and go back to my self indulgence. 

Talk about self discipline , of course I was guilty but the other side of me was telling me , I deserve a break. What? Do I really deserve that, when I do not have yet to called as accomplishment. If I am not willing to do some intense reviewing, chances are I am missing the point and I missed the time I should have studying instead of watching. So what's the point of enrolling in the review center anyway? , those are the line my other ego was reminding me. Well, I guess I have to make up my mind and be responsible. I need a motivation, a discipline and a passion. On the other hand, my mind was reasoning again tying to convince me that the weather lately has something to do with my current behavior and looks like my actions is vouching my crap. 

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