Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was thinking over the weekend of the swimwear to pack in this coming long weekend if our out of town island getaway would be finalized and all. Out of excitement I went to dig my old clothes in my closet to wear and recycle. While looking for a piece of swimwear I invested years ago, the idea of buying some one for myself crossed to mind, but then the other side of me was reasoning. If I can find a cheap beach wear that would not hold up my wallet , then that would be great.

I could not hold on anymore my excitement so I turned out looking for some hot clothing for summer. Maybe its time for me to let of old summer wear and let myself be updated of the newest fashion sense.Again , I was just after for the cool yet cheaper deal to my view it is not practical to push myself buy those branded ones then return to home broke. And here are some of my top picks for this summer  that I desire to have one, I'll see if I can afford the price tag. Then if it's to my favor, why not reward myself :) ( pictures from )

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