Saturday, March 10, 2012


If my understanding on what I have read from yahoo news is correct that means there would be more people will be given an opportunity to work that does not require experience. It says that oil workers could earn as much as $ 120,000.00 a year , that I think is already a big money enough to support a decent living for a family. But that does not end up there as I have read workers do sweat blood to earn such money. As the call for demand in oil company continues to boom. 

And where is this job opportunity I am referring to? The news point the location to North, Dakota  and the position earning $80,000.00 to  $120,000.00 is a job offer to wire line operators.What is more is that the position has more privilege than that of others position that requires long hours of work. I will not put long into detailed of the work, but if you are interested you may refer on yahoo news, today's story.

Going back, I just wonder if more companies here would open opportunity  to workers that does not have experience over a work, I believed it would create confidence and hope to some other job seekers who seems to be discouraged every time the employer prefers and /or required experienced to fill in the vacant position.

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then, that would be really great!

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