Saturday, March 31, 2012


It is good to hear some words of encouragement everyday , not only on dark days I believe.Reading bible has taught me so many things , I don't know about you if  holy bible made sense to you, but for me it causes transformation and brings forth wisdom upon me viewing life's challenges. I wish to share tonight the message God says in proverbs 3:26 - The Lord will keep you safe. The story can also be read in proverbs for life.

Fear comes in various shapes and sizes some have even names, no matter what you maybe afraid of, you know what fear feels like , your stomach feels like it's being cinched up with a belt, breathing becomes labored, you begin to sweat, speech is difficult. And it's not fun. Fear can completely dominate a person's life and for many that's the case. When fear rises -up reach out and take God's hand. Fear cannot remain in the presence of God. Place your confidence in him, and you can safely navigate any situation life has to offer.  (Whoever listens to wisdom will live in safety and be ease, without fear of harm. proverbs 1:33.)

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simply kim said...

as a wide reader and an aspiring writer, i find the BIBLE the best source of ideas, as a person.. it gives me serenity, encouragement and will to aspire to be a better person..

a visit from kim!