Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was reminded again by my head of the things that I should be doing right now, I have them accounted , yet I still am not motivated to do at least one of my to do's for the weekend. I skipped school today , as I feel like resting and giving myself a break from work, school and review materials  while the other half of me is commanding me to get up and start the work. So I would not be drown in many things in times, but my body won't allow my head to rule so I kept my lazy bone dragging me to my bed the whole day. And now came realization that time is running fast, the next thing I know I have been idle the whole day. 

What to do? I got tired and needed some time to reflect and relax. Relax? did I say that, needless to say how to relax  to the fullest  with  pile of  pending tasks, errands around the corner , books needs to re visit and re study , online stuff that are also vital to survival and the etc. But even so, I deserved a break, I need some unwinding. I am to say this to myself for a consolation, after all this is my personal choice, my decision and besides no one has push me to deprived myself of relaxing instead of working and study.I guess this just a matter of self discipline and I am struggling it out to this moment. I hope this is normal and tomorrow I am fueled with passion. 

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NovaS said...

sometimes, it is not bad to procrastinate, as long as we know how to get up and never procrastinates again...was here happy weekend