Wednesday, February 15, 2012


On book mode tonight, and would like to share it here the little things of story that makes me smile casting away all those worries and fears for the handout materials that needs to be absorb. 

A patient request, "Doctor, if there is anything wrong with me, don't frighten me half death by giving it a long scientific name. Just tell me in plain English". "Well", the doctor replied hesitantly, "to be perfectly frank, you are just plain lazy". "Thank you , Doctor", murmured the patient. "Now give me the scientific name so I can tell my family.

Well said. I remember an old friend who says she is sexy and thin before, but is now four times three times bigger now of normal size, aware that she is not fit anymore and is becoming slow because of her weight , yet she would not want to hear a friendly remark like go on diet, change your lifestyle , and be fit. She wanted to lose weight but she could not act on it, laziness is at work.

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Jeremy said...

Laziness is deadly in all aspects of life. You can never have a good life if you are lazy to work or earn money.
Thanks for the post..