Sunday, January 22, 2012


Few more days, and why I have this feeling of so little my time to catch up on subjects that I need more practice . It would be our pre-board on the second week of the following month  yet I am not confident on the amount I have reviewed. Every time I will study  those subjects that I need reinforcement and would not able to finished all the lessons , another topic is to add up in my back log. Oh God, now I realized how lucky those students that have no other commitment aside from studying. I envy them at times because in reality they do have edged over those working ants like me. 

Time is of great element to me, I cannot even attend to my daily routines lately that I usually do before. Some things needs to be sacrificed in order for me to get into my goal, but despite time constraint I am thankful that so far I am able to give time for each activity, Although not that generous as before but  it's okay things will be alright , I know in due time  and I am up to the huge harvest. Better be pain and discomfort this way with a goal to look forward to, than  have the comfort today which only rely on what tomorrow would come. In short, better cramming than nothing at all. hahaha.


simply kim said...

hehehe.. i hate cramming. it makes me forget a lot of things specially the important ones..

a visit from kim!

NovaS said...

hope everything will be okay with you...