Sunday, January 22, 2012


This is one of my prayer request always, that my family, loved ones and friends people in my circle would always enjoy a good health most of all than other wealth in this world could offer. And I thank God for the favor and protection. This evening, I went to a near drug store to buy a medicine that I have read on the internet which I will have to try later, how about the side effect?, as per different reviews the medicine is safe and would correct imbalances the medicine is also taken by my father so the worry factor was lessen. When I was inside the drug store I noticed that the they were not organized medicine carts are blocking the pharmacist way, maybe they were doing some inventory or a new set of drugs is to be unloaded and put together according to their kinds, that was just me, giving reasons to what I saw. I could not help myself because it was causing them delay on their way to customers counter. I hope they can arrange their stuff the soonest possible to their relief.

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