Sunday, December 4, 2011


Trending now : Former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Joseph Estrada. What about the two of them, while the current government is serious of putting Madame GMA behind the bars and is said to be a dream come true to some. The current news I have watch was  the taking over the place of Estrada in the Veterans Hospital which where Former President Joseph Estrada was detained and where she pay a visit the detained president, Estrada before. Now the wheel turned. The room where Estrada and his son was detained will be again be used by another President. What a lucky room. Is this the new trend now adays? after Living in the Malacanang Palace, the next destination is the Veterans hospital for the president. I wonder who will be next after GMA's turn. It looks like GMA is a big fan of Estrada.

While Former J. Estrada advices GMA to bring a mousetrap when she stayed there while waiting for the decision of the filed cases against her. What was the lesson from the story? We do all have our time, now is Aquino's time and Estrada's time of being once a prisoner was over, the very latest now is GMA's turn now in the hot seat. I just hope we  will not be a country that would be used to jail our own leaders, not a good sight. Let's not rejoice for the misery of our enemy. Vengeance is not ours.

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simply kim said...

i'm not a politically inclined person, but whatever happens, I simply wish the Filipinos will benefit from it..

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