Friday, December 30, 2011


During New year it has been a normal scene in every household of many families that we welcome the New Year with a bang. We prepare for the changing of the year for we do hope that the year would give us a new luck to look forward to. We reserve the best for the meja noche as our tradition has taught us, this has become also our way of thanksgiving for the whole year. 

Lets talk about the things we do when we prepare for this worldwide event, While our parents are busy in the kitchen preparing for the food, others are doing also their thing like sending messages to loved ones and friends others are hooked up in the networking  while some do wait for the big event by entertaining themselves on casino online. Seems like everyone is busy minding their own personal stuff were they are relax and comfortable to do with. But no matter what is it that we are up to right now, I believe in our heart we are hoping that New year would give us a good fortune like the roulette that when you spin the wheel it smiles on you every time.

Hopeful that we can start the New Year with prosperity that is why we tend to do things that we believe can give us a favorable outcome. As some say, life is like a game you win some you loss some but remember before going your game, playing your craps know the game , master the concept and let everything fall into places as you wishes to. Happy New Year to all of us, may this new year gives us a new hope and faith.

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