Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Trending now is former President Gloria M. Arroyo's arrest, for the petition of sabotaging 2007 candidacy for presidency. Hearing this trending topic in the bus, workplace, television and mediocre chat, I honestly would like to break free. Let's all move on. Let's not focus on pinpointing of who and whose to blame, Let's not dip into political fights of those politicians trying to clean their names washing their hands in the public televisions. 

Goodness, we always have complaints on our government , and government officials.Why not bring our plea and concerns to the highest court, our God. Why not pray for our government leaders  for them to be  effective and trustworthy on their position instead of us peeling them in front of public to be a hero. Will not God, hear us from our distress? from our afflictions as we are claiming. Let's not judge others, lest  we are not willing to be judge. We are all have a part on this shameless event in our country , the best that we can do is learn from the past let us not be deceived again by those mistakes  that are written already in our history, Can't we just move on and look forward. 

The price of gasoline, oil, food, and other commodities will not go down if we get GMA behind the bars. Also the real winner on 2007 presidency  can no longer serve the nation ,step inside the  Malacanang Palace even if the charges against GMA  be proven.(In short , Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo, ika nga)


jia said...

I love your stand on this.GOD BLESS,Tremendously.

Michele said...

Yeah.. Tama ka...:)

simply kim said...

I guess, too, that we already paid this issue more attention than we should. there are more problems worse than this one and i hope the government would realize that pretty soon..

by the way, do you mind checking out on Important Dates?