Tuesday, October 18, 2011


During my time to have a beeper is cool, your one of a kind and somehow class if you have a pocket pager.And as years passed by, digital stuff were introduced one by one to the market. Computers, gadgets, high end cameras , cellphones and also laptops. Can you imagine that, when I was a student, I would have to endure the long lane to enter the free library for all the students in the school. Of course wi-fi is not around that time, that's why you will really have to make that effort to search for that biography book were you could find your take home assignment.
But today, everything is almost spoon feed to us. Now there's schools that has assigned laptops for students in order for them to have easily access to every topics, and if there is a need to surf in for the subject you will have it right away in front of you.Can you imagine now, how our generation have become more innovative to these days.

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