Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween celebration is back. And it is not just back, as there are traditions that have been passed along that we observed during the day. Different countries have their own version of celebrating the Halloween commemorating the dead ones.

Here in the Philippines we celebrate our Halloween spending our time with our loved ones who have passed away, and our meeting place is the cemetery. Filipino would come to visit their loved ones in the cemetery and this is also the time to clean and paint the grave of their loved ones. Cemetery is overflowing during the day. Unlike other western country who celebrate the Halloween with costume party , here what is more popular is the lightning of candles in the grave of bereaved loved ones. Flowers and prayers for the souls is also highlighted during this day of celebration. To some Filipino that are not willing to join the crowd in the cemetery on all souls day, what they do is go to the cemetery ahead of time. And to some Pinoy that cannot visit the grave of their loved ones, remembering the souls by lighting the candles in front of their houses is also an acceptable way. 

In most of the shopping malls nowadays, Halloween is also celebrated through trick and treats, where I think we have adopted from western culture.Anyway, if you chance to see kids roaming around with their Halloween costumes and their pumpkin baskets , give them candy as most boutiques give the cute pumpkins in their spooky costumes.

Oh I almost forgot, this is also the time of tikbalang , white lady , ghosts, spirits. That the shows on television is about them. Gathering spiritist and and people who have said to have experienced forms of ghosts while they are asked to share their encounter in front of the camera. This is also the time where I keep my television off, haha.  To avoid those kind of film showing. 

Happy Halloween, Happy All Souls Day and All Saints Day.


simply kim said...

this post reminds me of how we celebrate the ALL SAINTS' DAY in the province and how much i miss it..

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NovaS said...

I truly miss those kind of traditions we have in Philippines. Mostly people here don't celebrate the all souls day..they even give the halloween more attention than thinking those loved ones they passed... i can't wait to be home one day and spend halloween there instead of here and makes sure that my kids in the future knows the awesome traditions we Filipinos have...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Halloween Yen. Hope your Halloween will be memorable. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

eden said...

This is one of our traditions that I really miss.

Happy Halloween!