Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's 68 days to Christmas , can you feel the presence of the season? . I honestly not sure if I am experiencing right now the smell , the excitement of the seasons greeting. Maybe because Christmas is about spending and spending. haha. Please don't get me wrong I know it's only during Christmas that everyone is giving the opportunity to give presents to their loved ones, friends and acquaintance. What's with Christmas? I think it is the spirit that is more meaningful to every kids. More than gift giving, Food feasting together, New toys, gadgets, dress, shoes and etc.

Christmas is a tradition that around the globe is celebrating every 25th day of December. If you are wondering why, it is only during Christmas we effort to give gifts with our loved ones. I guess my answer would be, gifts are expensive. haha. Kidding aside. I believe it is to preserve the significant of this day, The day in which our great and mighty savior was born. And giving gifts symbolizes showing our love, like what God did 2000 years ago, that he gave his own lives for us to received the gift of the father which is eternal life, through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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